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workout Templates

Research shows that when you do the same activity all the time, your body gets used it. Eventually, you will start to burn fewer calories even when you’re doing the same amount of exercise

What are template workouts?


We built short workout programs that will challenge your body in a way that it’s not used to. Your body will have to work harder as it adjusts to the new activity, which means that you’ll burn more calories when you work out. These templates range from goal specific outcomes, body part specific exercises to at home- beginners programs. 


 whats included

  • A training plan with scheduled workouts featuring high-quality videos delivered straight to your phone

  • A 360º view of your progress. Collect body stats and progress photos, set fitness targets, and monitor personal bests.

  • Link your favorite wearable technology, like FitBit, for real-time calorie count tracking

  • Video examples of all exercises

  • Workout as well a body stat tracking and charting to help you easily see your progress

  • Personalized dashboard to see programs, track results using our mobile training app

  • Digital calendar with workouts reminders

  • Access to a library with over 100 exercises

how to get started

Click on one of the links below to purchase the workout template for $9.99 per month. If you have specific goals or if you are unfamiliar with exercise, overweight, or have another aggravating condition such as an injury, we recommend choosing the personal training or online training instead for best results.

Once you purchase the program you will be sent an email confirming payment and instructions to set up your account. Before beginning the program you will be required to complete the following documents:


 PAR-Q                                            Release Form 

Once you are set-up for the app and the documents are complete, you will have full access to use the app for the duration of your package.

You can learn more information about all the features of the mobile app here.





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