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first responder & Military preparation

Lose Weight and Get Fit for Duty

Often young men and women have to lose weight in order to meet the minimum requirements for the height and weight / body fat standards. The military refused more than 47,000 people due to not passing the height-weight / body fat standards last year.Typically, those who are overweight are also not meeting the minimum physical fitness standards for the branch of service they choose. Losing weight AND getting fit for duty can be extremely challenging and potentially injurious (

goal of this Program


To introduce a progressive fitness program that will simultaneously prepare recruits for the fitness testing and daily events they will endure doing basic training and boot camp. Our program is designed to establish an effective weight loss through an increased calorie burning workout program combined with a healthy diet.  


why chose this program


Too often then not, if an overweight or out of shape person tries to just show up for the police academy or basic training, the immediate overuse on the body will result in injuries and will manifest themselves as knee pain, shins splints or stress fractures, and lower back and hip pain. These injuries will stop you in your tracks and often prevents these unconditioned recruits from graduating basic training programs once accepted at borderline weight / fitness standards.

What you get


  • A training plan with scheduled workouts featuring high-quality videos delivered straight to your phone

  • A custom nutrition plan with set macro ratios with access to Connect with MyFitnessPal™ to make it even easier to log your meals. For instructions on how to link the two please view the Mobile App Instructions.

  • A 360º view of your progress. Collect body stats and progress photos and monitor personal bests.

  • Link your favorite wearable technology, like FitBit, for real-time calorie tracking

  • Unlimited in-app messaging with your trainer

  • Video examples of all exercises

  • Workout as well a body stat tracking and charting to help you easily see your progress

  • Personalized dashboard to see programs, track results using our mobile training app

  • Digital calendar with workouts reminders

What to expect from the 6-week police & Military program


Click on the link at the bottom to purchase this program for $50. After you make the purchase, will be sent an email confirming payment and instructions to set up your account. Before beginning the program you will be required to complete the following documents:


                                                                                      PAR-Q                                            Release Form  


Once you are set-up for the app and, documents are complete and you linked MyFitnessPal to the AAO mobile app, you will set-up a nutrition consultation with your certified nutrition coach. During the session, we discuss your goals, review information provided in your intake documents, and begin to into why you have been unable to achieve your goals. 


Next, you will begin to track your nutrition for a week, submit your body stat data, and upload optional photos. Your coach will upload your nutrition plan into the App after learning more about you and your current nutritional habits.

During the entire process, you have 24-7 access your coach via messages.


You can view the various workouts in the app, under your training plan page or via the interactive calendar. Every exercise includes a video instructional, and each workout includes a text explanation for how to track, how long to rest, how to safely perform workouts, etc. 

You can track in the app in real-time, or print the workout for the day and add the tracking later. You complete workouts during the week, and we provide feedback as needed. At any time, you can use the app to send a message. 


The process continues for the 6-week duration of your time working with us. It is important to understand, results of this fitness program are not be guaranteed and your progress depends on your effort and cooperation.

You can view more information about the mobile app here.


$50 for this package





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