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Before AAO,  I purposely avoided certain events/activities like going to the beach because I didn’t feel confident in a bathing suit. At AAO, we’re family and we push each other to reach full potential. Brett and Mel aren’t only there to help you physically, but they help you mentally also. It’s a holistic approach: mind, body and soul. They push me every single day, even when I’m not in the gym. They get excited seeing my progress and that only makes me work harder. Life is great with AAO! I don’t trust anybody else with my body besides Brett and Mel. I trust them 100% and that makes me give 1000%. I used to walk with my head down, but now I walk with my head high! I feel strong and feel as though nothing can stand in my way.


My problem before starting AAO was that I kept plateauing. The number on the scale didn’t change and I felt lost in the gym. At AAO I feel comfortable, motivated and I feel like Melanie and Brett care 300% about pushing you, making sure your reaching goals, and talking to you through the entire thing. I helped my mom move and I was actually able to lift boxes and carry them up and down steps, when just 6 months ago I could barely help move boxes when I had moved to Jersey. Life right now is awesome! I’m happy and energetic! I can chase my son around without stopping a million times to catch my breath. I’m starting to also feel confident about my body so that is overall an great feeling. 


I always struggled with eating well and seeing consistent gains after working out. I was so frustrated to see all my hard work seemingly disappear time and time again. AAO created a fool-proof plan specifically for my body weight, and lifting goal. With their support and constant coaching, I can maintain and gain the weight I want. Once I stopped having lower back pain I realized what I was working towards was really achievable. My techniques had improved so much that I was able to start seeing the gains for myself. Now that I am lifting correctly, eating correctly, and seeing my gains, I am a lot more comfortable in my own skin. I think that AAO has been an awesome learning experience and I can only predict to see more gains in the future.

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