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Listen to Julia's
 experience as
an AAO client

AAO has changed my life in so ways! First I am more confident about myself and how I look, I am losing weight and getting healthy at a steady pace. I am sleeping better, have more energy and have generally been happier all around. Brett and Melanie have the patience and make everyone feel very comfortable. They are uplifting, make you feel like you can do anything that you put your mind too. I love my trainers!”

Sherri C.

56 years old

I am delighted to share my personal experience with Against All Odds training. Brett and Melanie both are extremely professional and exceptionally knowledgeable. My fitness routines are carefully planned where all muscle groups are incorporated. Each session, though challenging, are extremely enjoyable. I am very pleased with the strength I am gaining and the encouragement continuously given to me. This has been my first experience with professional trainers, and I highly recommend them to older individuals such as myself and/or a younger population.

Michele S.

60 years old

It’s hard staying motivated with fitness and nutrition when there’s always someone better looking or healthier out there. Brett and Mel make it easy by helping me set attainable goals and actually being there for me as coaches. Together they’ve been through every up and down you can expect on this journey and they’re not afraid to share their experiences with you. I can’t imagine doing this without them and I’m so excited to see how far I can push myself with them as my coaches!!!

Stephanie T.

27 years old

Brett and Melanie are both extremely knowledgeable in both training and nutrition. After sitting down and listening to my goals and current weight loss struggles, they designed a personalized workout and nutrition plan for me. I love their app. The app makes my workouts and nutrition plans easy to access anywhere. It also gives you access to them 24/7. They are always very prompt in answering any questions I have. You can tell they both love sharing their knowledge and helping others reach their goals. I am obsessed with the results I have gotten while working with AAO.

Jill S.

25 years old

I have been attending AAO for about 5 months now and it has positively changed my health tremendously. I eat better and lift better. When I first started I had a shoulder injury that made it difficult to work out my upper body, but after months of rehabilitation my shoulder has improved greatly. AAO is an incredible gym and I am thankful that I am at a gym that is so amazing."

Vicky A.

22 years old

After letting myself go during the holiday season, Mel & Bret put me back on track to meet my Memorial Day goals by creating a diet plan that enabled me to shed over 10lbs of unwanted weight and dropped my body fat percentage by 2.4%. They were there for me through the entire way answering any questions that I had. If your serious about making a change in the way you can look, the AAO Team will provide you the proper road map.”

Mark B.

50 years old

Brett and Melanie exhibit such a passion for AAO and their clients. They continually motivate and encourage me each day and have helped me improve my strength, endurance, flexibility and make great improvements towards my weight loss goals. Their knowledge and dedication makes it easy to continue on my fitness journey.”

Kerri T.

29 years old

Joining the AAO team has been the best decision I have ever made for myself. Not only are Melanie and Brett knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition; but encouraging and supportive. The ability to have someone there for me when it comes to nutrition has been the biggest factor in the success that I've already had in just 2 weeks! Having trainers who are so knowledge with fitness at different fitness levels and have gone through injuries themselves ;has also helped me gain back my confidence after an injury.”

Sara B.

32 years old

I love the atmosphere and the fact that I feel comfortable, always. I love the fact that I can listen to music that I like while working out. And it helps to have people I can look at as #goals for my own body lol. I can say this is the only personal training that I've received that I feel as though I will always enjoy!👍”

Taahira T.

20 years old

I met with Mel and Brett to discuss my goals and expectations. They sat with me and listened. Asked me very specific questions and put together a nutritional plan along with a workout agenda that works with my work schedule etc. They set me up on their app so they are there at all times to answer questions, check in and motivate. I thought I knew a little about be healthy and eating right but I really had no idea. They don’t just make you a plan they explain why it all works and the importance of how it all works together. Their passionate to help people get healthy and live a healthy life style and still be able to have a life is just so refreshing to see.”

Donna M.

54 years old

AAO has helped me change my lifestyle in ways that I never could have imagined. I can’t believe how much I have progressed working with AAO, not only with my physical fitness goals, but with my nutrition as well. I never thought that I would be able to change my bad eating habits, but with lots of support from AAO, I learned that anything is possible! Brett and Melanie are very patient and motivating trainers, and create a comfortable environment for their clients. I can’t thank them enough for all they have done to continuously help me work towards my goals!”

Tally L.

21 years old

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Listen to miranda's
 experience as
an AAO client
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